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Food Wraps
Food Wraps
Food Wraps
Food Wraps
Food Wraps
Food Wraps

Food Wraps

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Beeswax Food Wraps are a new, excitingly innovative leap to a sustainable future, replacing non-biodegradable plastic food wrap and containers.


Our food wraps are made using 100% cotton designer batik materials to brighten up your kitchen.

Small wraps are approximately 15 x 15 cm
Usually used on cut fruit or veg, cheese, cups or small bowls.

Medium wraps are approximately 22 x 22 cm
Usually used on sandwiches, bowls and small plates.

Large wraps are approximately 30 x 30 cm
Usually used on large fruit or veg, lunch packs, plates and large bowls.

The three pack has all three sizes included.

Food wraps are best kept rolled up in baking paper in the fridge.

Beeswax wraps can be re-used for up to a year and should be wiped clean after each use with warm soapy water. (Best to use an eco-friendly dish washing liquid.) These wraps can be used in countless ways. They are most commonly used to wrap cut fruit, veg & cheese, cover leftovers in bowls, carry lunches and keep greens fresh. It is discouraged to wrap meat for hygienic reasons.

Beeswax Essentials Food Wraps are made purely with beeswax, macadamia oil, natural tree resin and 100% cotton fabric. The recipe is refined to the perfect consistency to make sure they are long lasting and have the right amount of stick to allow an efficient wrap.


Beeswax Essentials products DO NOT contain:
artificial colours 
synthetic fragrances
sulphates or parabens
and are NOT tested on animals.
Natural ~ Australian ~ Hand made