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Beard Balm 70g
Beard Balm 70g

Beard Balm 70g

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This nourishing Beard Balm is made purely with beeswax, cacao butter, macadamia oil and essential oils of black pepper and sage to add a hint of spice and freshness.

Scoop out a thumbnail size of the balm and rub over your hands to spread evenly through your beard. Massage into your jaw line if you experience dry or itchy skin. Sculpt beard as desired. Give yourself a wink in the mirror for the ultimate way to start your day.

Both black pepper & sage are known to have anti-aging properties and alleviate skin conditions such as acne or eczema. 

Beeswax, cacao butter, macadamia oil & essential oils of black pepper & sage.


Beeswax Essentials products DO NOT contain:
artificial colours 
synthetic fragrances
sulphates or parabens
and are NOT tested on animals.


Natural ~ Australian ~ Handmade