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Weekly Challenge

Beeswax Essentials Weekly challenge

Welcome to the Weekly Challenge!

I am always up for making small changes in my life to reduce consumption and better my health. So I thought I'd give myself at least one weekly challenge and share it with you so we can make a difference together!


This Week:

Switch from using plastic food wrap to using Beeswax food wraps! 

Beeswax food wraps have BOOMED in the last year for obvious reasons. A genius, sustainable product.

Imagine the amount of plastic food wrap a family goes through in just one year - and it never decomposes! Beeswax food wraps last about a year and are biodegradable! 

They can be found at nearly every health food store but some recipes result in lesser quality. Beeswax essentials' food wrap recipe has been formulated to provide ultimate stick for an airtight wrap keeping food fresh. Having all natural ingredients and made on unique designer batik material, our wraps can be used on plates, bowls, jars, containers, cut fruit & veg, cheese and more!

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Click HERE to look at Food Wraps.


Week 2:

Find your local food growers/makers! 

Why not support your local farmers and food product makers?! They will be so grateful and chances are they make a much more genuine product than mass scale production. 

Basically all of the food available in our supermarkets travel incredible distances to get to our shops, using an immense amount of fossil fuels and energy. Have you ever thought about just how much energy and resources one small thing takes to get to your door? It's unfathomable and certainly unnecessary. 

We are so used to having access to anything at any given time. Most fruits and vegetables just aren't in season all the time! Lets get in tune with the seasons and our local, hard working producers.

Do a bit of research about the products available locally - 
Where are your local farmers? Where do they sell their produce? 
How often are the farmers markets? 
Is there a fruit and veg shop with local produce? 
How far away is your local beekeeper? You might be able to pick up a pot of honey on your route home from work.

Consider the things you use most in your home - Bread, dairy, nuts, fruit, veg, grains, meat, pet food.

There is even a term for regions consciously changing these habits.. they are called 'Transition Towns'! 

It can be helpful to include other people you know or live close to who are willing to arrange distribution of local products... for example, one might pick up produce from the local dairy and bring it to your door once a week! This means less commuting and less effort! Maybe your group can meet once a week to exchange the products they have been designated to collect.

I'd love to know about the connections you find in your region. Write a comment on my Facebook page's weekly challenge post!

Week 1:

Restore or repair something in your home!

It's sad to see so many things being thrown away instead of repaired. Yes you can just go and buy another one but repairing something is so much more satisfying and reduces consumerism which we all know is SO important in these times. Lets make a conscious effort to restore things to extend their life and repair them if we can.

Hot tip - Buy tools/equipment that are long lasting! For example, I buy all of my gardening tools second hand - they used to be made to last a lifetime! Tools from warehouses seem to break in no time and generally have a much shorter life span. Avoid plastic. 

I'm sure something you've wanted repaired/restored for ages comes to mind, if not, here are some suggestions:

🔸 Polish/sand and polish a piece of wooden furniture.
To purchase wood polish click here.

🔸 Restore your garden tools (use a metal scourer to remove rust then wipe with oil - olive oil works well)

🔸 Give something a coat of fresh paint - you know that thing you hate the colour of or has paint flaking off? yeah that thing!

🔸 Take a visit to the second hand furniture store or tip shop and find a treasure to restore. Alter, sand, paint - TA DAAA!

I would LOVE to see a photo of your project in the comments of my Facebook page's weekly challenge post!

Happy restoring guys! I hope you enjoy the process and I can't wait to see your projects!