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Why choose us?

Beeswax Essentials prides itself on crafting the most sustainable products possible with eco friendly packaging! We stand by our ethics and are proud to provide every day necessities inspired by Australia's superb natural resources.

Feel the relief of the transition to using products with only essential, well trusted ingredients - knowing in doing so, you are supporting the health of your home, body and the environment. 

Read on to explore the many reasons Beeswax Essentials is the right choice for you and your home.

Support the bee population

Why do bees matter so much? Majority of our food sources depend on pollination to be able to form fruit and seed. Bees are our most efficient pollinators and now days, with mass scale mono cropping, transporting bee hives to pollinate flowering crops is the only way to assure the farms production for that season. In the wild, most plants depend on pollination to reproduce. We keep the bees from extinction, the bees keep plants from extinction and the plants keep us from extinction! Good intentions really do come back around.

Purchasing bee based products is not only good for your health, but also supports the beekeeping industry which ultimately gives strength to bee numbers and hive health - avoiding the looming possibility of devastating colony collapse. Using beeswax opposed to leaving it in the hive encourages bees to form new comb. Refreshing the hive facilitates a clean environment for bees to keep their vitality and health system strong. 

We aim to spread awareness of the many ways one can apply themselves, big or small, to helping save the bees. By supporting Beeswax Essentials you are helping to spread awareness of this vital endeavor. 

Head to our save the bees page to find out how you can be a part of helping the bee population.


Uplift your health

A product will either support or degrade your health. Products that do both are contradictory. Our skin's microbiome is incredibly sensitive and although most people aren't aware of it, there is a mountain of evidence out there about the importance of looking after our skin's health. Similarly to taking care of the good bacteria in your stomach, our skin's health depends on microbial life. Majority of products on the market are made with all sorts of nasty ingredients such as paraffin waxes, fake fragrances and flavorings, petrochemicals and oils riddled with poisons from insecticides, pesticides and fungicides. These and many more unnecessary ingredients destroy our skin's microbiome creating a knock on effect of health problems and ailments.

Not being able to trust the products on the markets has inspired Beeswax Essentials' maker to provide an ever growing range of good-for-you products of invigorating quality, keeping formulas simple and close to nature. Nature provides all we need to live healthily. By uplifting nature's potential with empowering combinations of precious natural resources and the ancient knowledge of herbal preparations, our vitality and peace of mind can be restored. 

By supporting a small Australian business, you will be disempowering capitalism and potential product adulteration. Beeswax Essentials products are handmade in small batches to assure quality and integrity. Ingredients are sourced as locally as possible from sustainable sources. Every drop is made with love and precision. 

High grade Australian Beeswax

Many Australian companies purchase beeswax from overseas to use in their products as it is cheaper and of mass scale. Our beeswax is sourced strictly from Australian beekeepers. Australian beeswax is considered the best quality available globally, as our country does not suffer from some of the pests and diseases the rest of the world is exposed to. For this reason, majority of Australian wax is highly sought after internationally and is being gobbled up by international buyers. We are honored to provide you with pure, Australian based products with integrity.



The price value of beeswax is increasing rapidly due to the growing awareness of it's health benefits and preferability over the alternative poison-exposed or unnatural waxes. However, Beeswax Essentials is passionate about making every day products available to every day people. Our products are of a superior quality but aren't marked up unnecessarily. Our ethics of people care and fair share stand strong. Ingredients are minimized to the essentials with a hint of luxury to provide a range which facilitates almost any buyers desire. 

Keep in mind that while you can find cheaper products, most companies use ingredients of low quality and irrelevance. We are excited to treat you to upper class products at an affordable price. 



Our aim is to create an ever expanding range of beeswax based products. While we have only just launched, our range is limited. However, we are always experimenting and formulating new products to explore the potential and versatility of beeswax. We look forward to offering a range of medicinal, therapeutic and even edible products in the future! Stay tuned.


Thanks for reading and supporting an Australian, small business.


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