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Beeswax Essentials was created to support the Australian bee population and to provide Australian made, natural alternatives to commonly used home and body products.
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A passion for healthy living and an obsession of bees and beeswax combined to ignite a challenge - to create the largest array of beeswax products found in one place. Nadia Quinn, sole owner and operator of Beeswax Essentials is determined to deliver products of the highest integrity, keeping formulas simple and close to nature. Every item in her expanding range is made with the highest quality ingredients Australia has to offer and most importantly staring one of the most valuable and versatile natural resources on earth - beeswax. 
All products are handmade by Nadia in small batches to assure quality and integrity.
Ingredients are sourced as locally as possible from sustainable sources.
Every drop is made with love and precision. 
Beeswax Essentials' product packaging is as eco friendly as possible!
Nadia Quinn Beeswax Essentials new studio product making

Nadia at her new studio on the first day of Beeswax Essentials product making.


Beeswax Essentials has undertaken a massive pre-launch operation. Built from scratch, the studio is situated next to the famous 'Lake Eacham' near Yungaburra on the Atherton Tablelands. A substantial garden has been installed to grow bee friendly flowers, edibles and medicinals to form relationships and experiment with medicinal herbs to be used in future therapeutic products. Experimentation with recipes and research of the most beneficial ingredients is ongoing and has been an enormous undertaking. While hunting for beeswax, Nadia has made long lasting friendships with local and nation wide beekeepers. She is passionate about educating herself further about the beekeeping industry and bee behaviour to explore opportunities to involve the Australian community in supporting the bee population. A love for bees and sustainability has truly driven her to invest all she has to doing her part to help save the bees.


The Beeswax Essentials StudioThe Beeswax Essentials Studio


Beeswax Essentials new garden
Beeswax Essentials' new edible and medicinal herb garden at Lake Eacham.
Head to our sustainability page to find out why Beeswax Essentials is the right choice for you and your home. 

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