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Who is she?

Nadia Quinn - Owner and operator of Beeswax Essentials


So who the heck is that beeswax crazy lady? 

I'm just a small town gal with a wondrous mind! 

My desire to know HOW something works, it's place in the natural world and what I can do with it drives me! I've always been inquisitive and playful with my relationships to all things. I thrive from learning and being creative. 

My found love for bees, passion for the environment and healthy living, studies in permaculture, horticulture and organic farming along with my experience in working with beeswax and business managing has collaborated to devise my place here now. 

I have many wonderful people in my life to thank for encouraging me on this organically unfolding journey, however, it is my deep love for nature that has pushed me to create my business. I want everyone to have access to healthy living through natures gifts. 

I have relocated back to my small, humble village of Yungaburra to bring my knowledge and natural products to my heart community. I am also grateful to be able to provide these products to the entire country! 

Thank you all for your support and being who YOU are! 

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