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Business start ups - are we crazy or courageous?

Beeswax Essentials business start ups

Crazy or courageous? A viable question! 
Read on for 6 smart tips and useful activities! 😏

Starting up a business is both a hair-pulling and glorious thing! At times it can be a scramble keeping up with every aspect of your business and trying to get it off the ground yet it's so exhilarating putting your dreams and ideas into action and seeing it blossom! A roller-coaster is a good analogy.. but who doesn't love a good roller-coaster, right?!

Have you thought about starting a business? Having recently started up my own business, I've learned a lot and I love to share my secrets. Here's a few important things to consider...

☑️ Combine what you are most passionate about in this world with your talents/skills/gifts.

This is what you are being called to do! Now days one can start a business simply buying and selling things which adds to mass consumption and pollution. Providing a business with integrity and love for people and the earth is the only way forward sustainably. Society is moving from consumption to consideration - Harness this, it will keep you going and this is what the world needs!

💭 Do a brainstorm. In one column write down everything you care about/are interested in and in another column write down what you're good at. You will find an empowering connection. Combinations of two things can create a unique offering. Don't be afraid to think outside the box!

☑️ Are you passionate?

Starting up and running a business involves a heck load of work and worries! A deep passion for what you are doing will pull you through the hard days.

💭 Write up a 'Why I am doing this' poster to remind yourself. Also write down all of the positive aspects and offerings of your business.

☑️ Is your business viable?

Is there a 'gap' in your community or market/industry for your business to fill? There must be a need for your product/service.

💭 Research what your community/market/industry needs/is missing.

☑️Create your unique brand.

Keep it simple, clean and to the point. Effectively inform people about who you are and what your aim is. Establish a cohesive and clear intention and look.

💭 Create a collage of images that you love personally. Create a separate collage of images that reflect/represent your business goals/products/service. Find these in magazines, pinterest, similar businesses you admire etc. You will see some colour and shape similarities between both collages. These colours and shapes should be considered to create your business colour pallet and your icon/logo. Remember that now days, people love neutral colours (Black, white, grey, silver, gold, beige and pastels). Choose five colours that go together and play with shapes to create your unique brand look that represents your business.


Talk to people about your business ideas. Ask questions. Learn from other peoples mistakes and triumphs. It's amazing what can come from one connection/question!

💭 Choose 3 - 5 business involved people you admire and ask them if you can have a discussion about your business idea. This may be people you know or business owners/manages from your industry. Try to choose people with different strengths eg. Marketing, finances, production/service, managers, owners. You may just click with someone and find them willing to mentor you!

☑️ Work in alignment with other businesses.

Befriend your competitors. You may find that they are willing to work together with you to empower and support your business! For example I have been asked by a lady who makes and sells soy candles to stock some of my beeswax candles as her customers ask for them and she does not have the time/know-how to make beeswax candles.
Non-competing businesses can also uplift each other, for example I make and sell natural home and body products and have a few hair salons who showcase my products in their store and tell their clients about my business.

💭 Find some businesses that are in alignment with your business ethics. You could promote each others businesses, stock each others products or simply learn from each other.

💫 Thank you for reading and I hope you've gathered a few tips for your business endeavors! Starting up a business is only crazy to some because most people are not willing to put the work in! It is certainly and incredibly courageous thing to do and the world needs more inspired do-ers. If you work hard and are willing to learn, you WILL succeed!

I was sick of working for 'the man' and making other people money when I was on minimum wage and feeling like I wasn't doing something to work towards a brighter future for myself and the world. I care so much about people and the environment, this love has driven me to put the effort in and give myself a chance!

🐝 If you would like to check out my business for inspiration and ideas, and as an example of someone who did all of these activities explore the website and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions! I am always happy to share my knowledge and help others on their journey.

🦋 I wish you all the best and more for your journey into becoming an empowered business owner.

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