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Bee with your gardening

Beeswax Essentials Garden

The Beeswax Essentials garden is my sacred place. A place to think, experiment, inspire and do. A place of consideration. 

The medicinal plants are used to experiment with therapeutic products. I have edibles to chew on while I work, and of course plants for the bees to harvest pollen and nectar. Volcanic rocks form the garden bed and house lizards and ground dwelling bees. The rich red soil is full of minerals and nutrients here on the Tablelands.

Gardening keeps me grounded and reminds me of the role I've chosen to play. I want to learn about the connection between humanity and the earth to bring us closer to nature. Integrity is imperative, so here I find myself with soil in every crevice of my body and mind, planting the seeds and paving the foundations of a fruitful future. 

Bee with your gardening, for the good of the ones you love. 

I love our earth, it's people and it's bees.

Here are some photos of the garden making progression.




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