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Becoming a beekeeper changes you

Becoming a beekeeper changes you Nadia Quinn Beeswax Essentials
One never keeps bees, one comes to terms with their wild nature. Harnessing the productive nature of a colony has been one of the most intrinsic practices of human kind.
To be a keeper of bees is to have a deep urge to understand how a colony works. Each bee instinctively carries out multiple roles throughout their life and eventually works themselves to death for the good of the colony - to protect their hive, their queen. It is a romantic story of triumph and tragedy.
Learning about a colony's complexities, collaborative strength, and realising the value of every aspect, finds one naturally reflecting these ethics and values unto themselves and humanity as a collective whole.
The term 'hive mind' says it all. Applying the hive mind is to think and do for the greater good, to love. To respect and uplift others and yourself. To know that every person is equal, no matter their role. We need each other.
People power is the force that is and will save our planet. A group of thoughtful, committed citizens is the only thing that will change our world for the good, indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. THIS is the hive mind. THIS is the strength we crave and need.
This subject is so vast and complex, I could write a book. My heart beats loudly and with so much emotion when I think and write about this subject. I am in love with nature, with human kind and with bees. I believe we can be together in understanding once again. I believe we can heal ourselves and our earth.
I urge you to ask questions and keep learning and applying these principles onto your thoughts and into your life.
Apply the hive mind.
Become a warrior for love.
Become a beekeeper.


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